Deployment Scenarios

Common assemblies in GAC

XecMe make it simple and managable deployment. You can install XecMeHost into a common directory and let all applications share it. Rest all assemblies are signed so they should be placed in the GAC. Below shown is the simple deployment, I'm assuming the drive G: for deployment.

  • XecMeHost.exe

  • XecMe.Common.dll
  • XecMe.Configuration.dll
  • XecMe.Core.dll

Application binaries
  • All the assemblies for the application - copy into G:\Application1\bin

  • Service1.config
  • Service2.config
  • BatchJob1.config
  • BatchJob2.config
  • BatchJob3.config

Here is how you install the Windows Service
G:\XecMe\XecMeHost.exe /i /n:"My First Service" /p:"G:\Application1\bin" /c:"G:\Application1\Service1.config" 
Make sure you define the IService config in the Service1.config
         <add name="IService" type="MyNamespace.MyService, MyAssembly, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=XXXXX" />

Here is how you configure you Batch Job
G:\XecMe\XecMeHost.exe /i /p:"G:\Application1\bin" /c:"G:\Application1\BatchJob1.config" /t:-300000
Make sure you define the IBatchProcess config in the BatchJob1.config
         <add name="IBatchProcess" type="MyNamespace.MyBatch, MyAssembly, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=XXXXX" />

GAC deployment is not possible

The only difference where XecMe dlls are not allowed to copy in the GAC is to copy all the XecMe assemblies in each Application bin directory

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