What can XecMe do for me?

XecMe is a execution framework! It provides the technical/non-functional component, you merely have to focus on developing the functional component and configure it
Well it is an also an hosting framework. You have to write class libraries which will be hosted by the framework. What that means for you is less development!

Less development wow, how is it?

Well if you want to create a Windows Service, you have to write you service by a class from ServiceBase and implement it. To install & uninstall the service you have to write a installer in the project. And what if you have to create multiple such service? That is where XecMe comes into picture, by implementing IService interface and little configuration in the aoolication config you can make it a Windows Service.

How a IService implementing type can become a Windows Service?

XecMeHost.exe installs your IService implementing type as Windows Service. It installs itself as service and delegate the calls to IService type. This is also referred as Bridge Pattern. Isn't it simple and cool :-)

And what else it can do for me?

Well you can also do similar thing for writing batch job. No need to write console applications to run the batches. Simple implement the interface IBatchProcess and little configuration in the application config will will make you type a batch program. This is again silimar to the Windows Service thing.

What is task based design thing?

So the requirement needs to broken into smaller and reusable tasks by implementing ITask interface as I explain in the project summary page. Based on the application configuration TaskRunner will create instances of these type and execute them in a configured fashion. This is highly configurable and extensible for the developer who want to exploit to the full potential. There are multiple runners that define the behavior of the task execution. Please see Task Runners for more details.

What else do I need to know to use it?

You should learn to think of solving problems in task oriented approach. Besides understanding all the interfaces and the documentation around them. Most importantly you should know how to configure it. Understanding the configuration can give you the power to exploit the potential of the framework.

Can I use it with other versions?

XecMe is built on .NET 4.0 runtime. To use it with other .NET versions, dowload the source code and rebuild to .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 target framework

Can I get a sample configuration as starting point?

Sure, here is the config

Can I get some information on deployment?

Yes, here you go a sample deployment

Can this be used in Azure?

Why not, this is best suited for Worker Role where you have unattended processing.

So good luck and let me know if you have any issues.

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