This is the enum value that ITask.Execute() method should returns. It is very important that a developer understand the different values and their significance.
  1. Idle - This indicate the Task Runner that no operation was performed during the execution. This value is primarily used by the ParallelTaskRunner. Based in this value ParallelTaskRunner determine that there is no work to execute, hence it reduces the numkber of parallel thread processing the task
  2. Executed - This value indicates that there was a work performed by the task. ParallelTaskRunner will increase the number of thread by 1 only if the current number of threads are less than MaxThreadCount on the Runner. All the task runner will also raise an event in the system that the task was completed. The event topic name is "Task.<task runner name>"
  3. Stop - This value indicate the Task Runner to stop processing it further. ParallelTaskRunner will stop only the last task returns the value Stop
  4. Recycle - This value is used to determine that there was a problem with the Task and we need to release the current instance and recreate a new one. TaskRunner will recycle the task
  5. Exception - This indicates that there was an exception occured while processing the task. Although TaskRunner will not take any action but it is like information and can be used in the future.

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